Our family did an 11-week trip through the USA and Canada between late March

and mid-June 2004.


The travellers were Dom, aged 42, Narrelle, (41), our daughter, (11) and son (10).


We had a wonderful trip to North America, one that we will remember fondly for

many years.


All up, we drove about 10,000 miles (16,000 km) and spent at least one night in

18 states and provinces.  These are:  California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Alabama,

Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, DC, New York, Massachusetts,

Vermont, Quebec, Ontario, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We briefly visited, but

did not stay, in Arkansas, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Connecticut

and Rhode Island.


This website has been created mainly for the benefit of our friends and family, to allow

them access to some of our (many!) photos and the various notes we made on our

experiences in America.  However, we also thought that our experiences may be of

some use to fellow Australians (and maybe others) planning to travel to North America.


Our website contains some comments on what we found to be the best way to

access funds while in America, our experiences with renting cars, staying in various

hotels/motels and flying with two different airlines within the United States. We should

emphasize that we are in no way presenting ourselves as experts in these fields, but are

merely offering others the benefit of our experiences, which may or may not be useful

or relevant to others in planning their own trip.


We encourage anyone preparing for a trip to North America or anywhere else to seek

the advice and assistance of professionals in the travel industry or, if planning the trip

yourselves, to research it thoroughly, using the wide range of material that is now

available, both on the internet and in more traditional media.  


Click on the link below to read about some resources that we found useful, both in

planning our trip and while we were in North America:



Useful Resources





Dom & Narrelle

November, 2004