Alexis de Tocqueville observed in the 1820s that 'there is no more religious

country on Earth than the South of the United States.' It is amazing how many

churches small communities in the South can support.  One after the other as you

drive the rural highways - some large, some tiny.  A bit like Broken Hill and pubs,

I guess!  Mainly Southern Baptist in those parts.

Listening to the radio as we drove along, we heard that the Southern Baptists had

their convention recently, and are considering a resolution directing their 16 million

members to take their kids out of public schools and home-school them instead.

The reason being that the public schools are allegedly godless and indeed hostile to


They have already adopted resolutions recommending this in the past; the difference

being that the new resolution would strengthen the wording so that it becomes your

Christian duty to remove your kids from public school.

The Catholic hierarchy is giving Kerry a hard time on account of his past votes in

favor of abortion rights in Congress. The new line from Rome is that a politician who

calls himself a Catholic is bound to vote in accordance with the Church's teachings.

If he does not, then he is to be punished. Some bishops have said they will refuse Kerry

Communion if he visits their diocese during the campaign.