Miscellaneous Ramblings:


On a trip of 11 weeks, we noticed lots of things, big and small, that we thought

were noteworthy, unusual or at least different from our experience in Australia.


Many of these went into the emails we sent back home to friends and family at

the time.


If you’re interested, just click on the links below to read a brief note on our

observations on various subjects.


There is stuff in there about such things as the war in Iraq and race relations.

These are subjects that people can feel passionately about, and I certainly hope

none of what we’ve written is offensive to anyone.  As far as possible we’ve tried

just to report our impressions and the things that were said to us, without making

any judgments either way on the topic.  Certainly we mean no offence by these

comments, and we apologize if anything we’ve said does upset anyone.



Travelling with the Kids


Long-distance flights, time differences, jet-lag etc


The War


¿Habla Español?




Race Relations


The Election Campaign


The South – Land of Churches


Thoughts on the Reagan Funeral – June 2004


The Aussie Accent and the Yanks


Poverty, Homelessness, etc


Tips on Tipping


Our Unhappy Flight to DC with Ted Airlines – May 14, 2004